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New Models For Cultural Producers

  • The Compensation Foundation

    A public, online, open-source platform for collecting, sharing, and analyzing how contingent workers are compensated.

  • The People's E-Book

    A free, beautifully-simple tool to make e-books better.

  • Show Me The Money

    An earnest attempt to get people to talk about money in the visual arts.

  • Art Micro Patronage

    Art Micro Patronage is an experimental online exhibition space featuring monthly curated shows of digital, new media, and intermedia work. As visitors navigate through the exhibitions, they are encouraged to become micro-patrons of the arts, associating their appreciation of the works with small monetary values.

  • The Present Prize

    The Present Prize is funded by web hosting fees and awarded by the community of hostees. Each grant targets an underfunded area of the creative landscape.

  • The Present Group

    The Present Group is an art subscription project. We enable a community of subscribers to fund contemporary artists projects and receive limited edition artwork in return.

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